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July 24, 2014

Yukiko Ebata Moving to French Volleyball League

Tokyo, Japan, July 24, 2014 --- Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that Yukiko Ebata, a leading player on Hitachi Automotive Systems' women's volleyball club, the Hitachi Rivale, and currently also a member of the Japan Women's National Volleyball Team will transfer to the RACING CLUB DE CANNES of the French Volleyball League under a basic agreement just reached between the two teams.

The road to the agreement began when Ebata received an offer from the RC CANNES that she saw as a great opportunity to polish her skills and move another big step forward in her development as a volleyball player by playing in a world-class league. It was her strong desire to realize this dream that led to the transfer. The Hitachi Rivale appreciated that a player of Ebata's high standing among Japanese players should have the chance to fulfill her earnest ambition and gave her its full support.

Ebata is to leave Hitachi Automotive Systems at the end of August this year and join the RC CANNES in September. Since coming to the Hitachi Rivale in April 2008, Ebata has contributed enormously to team achievements, including two V Challenge League championships and the team's promotion to the V Premier League (in the 2012-2013 season). As member of the Japan National Volleyball Team, she has played at meets around the globe and is recognized as a key contributor to Japan's winning of its first bronze medal in women's volleyball in 28 years at the London Olympics.

Established in 1922, the RC CANNES now belongs to the French Volleyball League, and is renowned as a powerful team representative of the French League, the perennial champion among women's volleyball leagues in France since 1998. The team's members include some of the world's top-ranking players.

Hitachi Automotive Systems is confident that Ebata will take advantage of her move to the RC CANNES to grow into a major player on the world volleyball stage and that this will in turn invigorate and advance the sport of volleyball in Japan. The Hitachi Rivale will also continue to work to increase the level and popularity of volleyball in Japan.

Hitachi Automotive Systems endeavors to further not only volleyball but also a broad range of other sports, as well as to use sports to strengthen company unity.

<For reference> 1. Personal information
Name: Yukiko Ebata
Born: November 7, 1989
Height / Weight: 176 cm / 67 kg
Graduated from: Seirei Women's Junior College
                           attached high school
Joined company: April 2008

2. Volleyball carrier (1) Japan Women's National Volleyball Team
2010 World Championships (third place)
2011 World Cup (fourth place)
2012 London Olympics (bronze medal)
(2) Hitachi Rivale
2010 2009-2010 V Challenge League champion
2011 2010-2011 V Challenge League runner-up
2012 2011-2012 V Challenge League champion
2013 2012-2013 V Challenge League runner-up
                           (promoted to V Premier League)
2014 2013-2014 V Premier League (sixth place)
63rd Kurowashiki All Japan Volleyball Tournament
                           (third place)

<Ebata comment>
 Thank you for supporting the Hitachi Rivale.
 I have decided to transfer to the RC CANNES of the French League. I apologize for making this announcement so abruptly and for causing you concern.
 I joined Hitachi Automotive Systems in 2008 and was demoted to the Challenge League the following year. Although many difficult times followed, I was able to pull through these hard moments thanks to your continuing heartfelt encouragement and support. Then, in last year's Challenge match, I realized my long hoped for rise to the Premier League. While this fills me with pride, I know it was possible only because of the undivided support I received from my team mates and the team staff.
 Now, with an eye on the next Olympic Games, and after considering how I can best make myself a still better player, I decided to make the move to the RC CANNES.
 I will be most happy if all who have so generously offered me encouragement up to now will also continue to keep me warmly in mind as I meet new future challenges.
 Your continuing support of the Hitachi Rivale will also be greatly appreciated.

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