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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

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Penske Racing driver Helio Castroneves, sponsored by the Hitachi
Group, finishes in fifth place in the 2015 U.S. IndyCar Series

Tokyo, August 31, 2015 ---Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that Helio Castroneves, a Hitachi contract driver in the Penske Racing team, sponsored by the Hitachi Group, came fifteenth in the final race of the 2015 IndyCar Series held at Sonoma, California, on August 30, resulting in a fifth place finish in the season's championship standings.

In the season opener held at St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 29, Castroneves had a strong race that gained him fourth place in the season standings. Then in the second race, held in Avondale, Louisiana, on April 12, and the third race, in Long Beach, California, Castroneves came second, moving him up to second place in the season standings, a position he held until the fourth race. In the ninth race, held in Fort Worth, Texas, on June 6, and the tenth race held the following week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he came third, and took second place in the twelfth race, held in West Allis, Wisconsin, on July 12. So in all, Castroneves had podium finishes in five races.

Hitachi Automotive Systems wishes to thank everyone for their warm support throughout the year for Helio Castroneves, sponsored by the Hitachi Group.

Helio Castroneves

■Results for the IndyCar Series 2015

●:Hitachi primary sponsor race

Date Place Finish Rank
March 29 ●St. Petersburg, Florida 4 4
April 12 ●Avondale, Louisiana 2 2
April 19 Long Beach, California 2 2
April 26 Birmingham, Alabama 15 2
May 9 Indianapolis, Indiana 6 3
May 24 Indianapolis, Indiana 7 4
May 30 ●Detroit, Michigan 6 4
May 31 ●Detroit, Michigan 19 5
June 6 Fort Worth, Texas 3 4
June 14 Toronto, Canada 3 4
June 27 Fontana, Texas 23 5
July 12 ●West Allis, Wisconsin 2 3
July 18 ●Newton, Iowa 11 4
August 2 ●Lexington, Ohio 15 4
August 23 Long Pond, Pennsylvania 16 5
August 30 ●Sonoma, California 15 5

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