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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

Specification table

Data table
  ASP-30 ASP-50 unit
Pressurizing capacity 3kN - 30kN 5kN - 50kN 0.01kN
Ram stroke 150mm 0.01mm
Open height 250mm  
Ram speed Approach 41 - 180mm/sec 0.1mm/sec
Pressurizing 0.1 - 40mm/sec 0.1mm/sec
Rising 180mm/sec -
Pressurizing 0.1 - 1sec 0.1sec
Power source (capacity) Three-phase, 200V (2.9kW) Three-phase, 200V (4.5kW) -
Weight 450kg -

There is a possibility that specs or general specs described in this catalog may be corrected or changed without notice.