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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

Significant reduction in CO2 emission is expected by replacing conventional gasoline engines with HEV engines. We have developed a small-size lightweight motor capable of generating high output, and an inverter capable of driving and controlling high-output motor with superb efficiency. HEV engine combining these motor and inverter to control drive power with high efficiency will contribute to substantial reduction in fuel consumption and emission gas.
We also offer a wide variety of motors and inverters with an output of 42V and higher, for use in compact cars, large-sized passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and buses.

Image:Motor for HEV

Motor for HEV

Image:Inverter for HEV

Inverter for HEV

Image:Motor for Hybrid Truck

Motor for Hybrid Truck

Image:Inverter for Hybrid Truck

Inverter for Hybrid Truck