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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

At the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Shanghai Motor Show), a wide range of mobility technologies, products and systems of the Hitachi Group that contribute to the realization of next-generation automobiles, such as autonomous driving and electrification, were introduced under the theme of "Moving Forward! to a future connecting people, vehicles and society."

Exhibit list

Autonomous Driving System

The Hitachi group showcased mechatronics technology, which aims to popularize ZEVs, 360-degree sensing technology for the realization of autonomous driving, and cooperative control systems for safety control technology through full-scale vehicle exhibition platforms and virtual demonstrations using imagery and actual equipment.

ZEV:Zero Emission Vehicle

Fuel consumption improvement system

Hitachi Automotive Systems displayed “combustion,” “heat,” and “energy” control systems that aim for even higher fuel efficiency through the next generation of high-efficiency gasoline engine systems.

Motion Ride Theater

A six-axis driving simulator having ten seats moved in sync with images projected on a large screen. Visitors enjoyed experiencing simulations of driving control systems and exciting IndyCar racing scenes.

Integrated HMI Systems

Visitors experienced HMI technologies including “Smart Cockpit” and “Head UP Display”, which will make autonomous driving much safer and more comfortable.

HMI:Human Machine Interface

Car Navigation systems for Chinese market

Three types of navigation which have “Smartphone connectivity”, “Build-in Drive Recorder” and “Built-in Drive Recorder” and “Built-in Driver Monitoring” function were showcased.