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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

At Auto Shanghai 2019, under the theme of "Moving forward! To a future where people, cars, and society are linked," Hitachi Automotive Systems exhibited state-of-the-art technologies and electrification technologies to realize safer and more comfortable autonomous driving systems and also highly efficient engine management systems.

April 2019

Exhibited Items

Autonomous Driving Systems All in One Car

A demonstration car and virtual rendering footage introduced our electrification technology which is expanding in accordance with Zero Emission Vehicles regulation, and autonomous driving systems which are achieved through the coordination with 360-degree sensing technology and safety control technology. ZEV:Zero Emission Vehicles

Autonomous Driving System

Introducing demonstration driving using Hitachi's Autonomous Driving System that realizes reliable, safe, and comfortable Autonomous Driving.

Engine System with Improved Fuel Economy

We showcased our next-generation, high efficiency gasoline engine system to demonstrate our combustion, thermal and energy control systems that enable improvement in fuel economy.

Electric Powertrain System

Introducing a high efficiency Electric Powertrain System that improves EV driving performance with high output, a long cruising range, and convenient quick charging. EV:Electric Vehicles

VR Ride Theater

An 8-seat VR simulator will moved in synchrony with impressive 360-degree 3D scenography. Wearing a headset, you can experience the future driving scene.

High Efficiency Engine Combustion Control System

Introducing a high efficiency Engine Combustion Control System suitable for installing in various Hybrid Electric Vehicles that achieves both improved fuel consumption due to thermal efficiency and a quiet engine restart. HEV:Hybrid Electric Vehicles