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Hitachi Automotive Systems is a naming rights partner for the chicane within the Suzuka International Racing Course (Suzuka Circuit).
The name of the chicane is "Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane," and it carries the Hitachi logo and the company name around it.
As an international racing course, many exciting races have been held at Suzuka Circuit. Notably, the chicane, which is a slow point located before the final corner, presents an opportunity for overtaking, and many great moves have been made at this corner.

Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane

Suzuka Circuit  International Racing Course

Based on Soichiro Honda's firm belief that "Unless we compete in races, we can't improve our vehicles," the Suzuka Circuit was completed in September 1962 as Japan's first fully paved racing course.
The first Japan National Championships Road Race was held there in November of that year, and in the following year, the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix of Japan and the first Japanese Grand Prix were held.
Since then, it has hosted many races including the Suzuka 500km Race and 1,000km Race for cars; the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race for motorcycles; Super GT and other GT car races; Japan's foremost single-seat open-wheel racing such as Formula Nippon; and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the most prestigious automobile race in the world.

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