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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

Hitachi Automotive Systems is driving the growth of automotive society into a New Era

Hitachi Automotive Systems began in 1930 with Hitachi’s domestic production of automotive electric parts. For the more than 80 years since, we have continually expanded our operations in the automotive equipment business.

In recent years, the environment surrounding automobiles has undergone signicant changes.
In addition to the basic functions of moving, turning, and stopping, demand has increased for technology that ensures environmental sustainability. Furthermore, safety technology to reduce vehicle accidents and realize a zero-accident society, as well as improvements in comfort and convenience, are driving consumers. Companies must also respond to the diversication of markets in the wake of globalization.
To provide fast, optimal solutions that create added value, we are strengthening our capabilities as a company. Specically, we are reinforcing our electrication and electronics technologies, as well as our system development capabilities, in order to achieve a society of autonomous driving and smart mobility. In addition, we are accelerating our decision-making processes and strengthening our governance to achieve a dynamic global management.
“We will contribute to the realization of an affluent society by creating new value for people, vehicles and society.” Betting our Corporate Credo, our aim is to be a top-class global system supplier that drives the future growth of automotive society. Furthermore, we aspire to be a global company deserving of the utmost trust from society.
I sincerely hope that you will continue to have high expectations for Hitachi Automotive Systems.

社長執行役員&CEO 関 秀明