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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.


Through our automotive electronics, we will contribute
to a connected future for people, vehicles, and society.

Automobiles have evolved from a simple machine to move from place to place, to a new mode of transportation that supports people and society, and will continue to evolve in ways that create new value.
Presently, through advances in car electronics, improvements in vehicle performance offer more precise and sharp control, while also improving eco-friendliness, safety, and comfort. Remarkable progress has also been achieved in advanced technologies driving the megatrends of electric and autonomous vehicles.
In addition to further improvements in performance, the future introduction of two-way communications technology will enable vehicles to be linked to the external environment, such as infrastructure, and to send and receive useful information. In turn, the increased convenience of connected cars will help promote increasing use. Connected cars will have access to Big Data through the Internet of Things (IoT), and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to produce and utilize advanced analytical data in numerous ways to create new value for people and society.

In order to support such technologies in advanced vehicles, our strengths in electronics technology will serve as a base to refine our product and system technologies in the fields of environment and safety. We are also pushing forward with our Advanced Vehicle Control System that integrates Clarion’s information and safety technologies with Hitachi’s social infrastructure and services. In this way, Hitachi Automotive Systems will contribute to a connected future for people, vehicles, and society.

IoT:Internet of Things