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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

Business Description

System solutions that Hitachi Automotive Systems will provide for progress in "Environment" "Safety" and "Information" fields.

For the next generation of automobiles, significant advances in technology are required to achieve near-zero emissions and ultra-low fuel consumption for global environment preservation; improve preventive safety through measures such as hazard and collision avoidance; and enhance convenience utilizing the latest achievements in information technology. The key to advancing automobile-related technologies is electromechanical and electronics engineering. Hitachi Automotive Systems is now focusing its broad range of technological strength and rich expertise in total design and production, which the Hitachi Group has fostered as a general electrical and electronic manufacturer in the R&D of auto-related technologies. We currently have four system operations underway in the three engineering fields of "environment", "safety" and "information". In the environment field, we have been developing engine management systems and electric powertrain systems to achieve environmental preservation and energy high-efficiency. In the safety field, we are researching drive control systems that support drivers by linking outside recognition sensors with actuators. And in the information field, we are keeping vehicles conveniently connected through cloud information network services, multifunction navigation systems and other on-board information equipment.

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