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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.

Tackling the fundamental issues faced by global society such as environmental protection and safety assurance, we are aiming at realizing a sustainable society with automobiles through technological innovation.

Hitachi Group's CSR vision is to realize a world that is safer and more comfortable to live by resolving the basic issues facing global society with the collective strengths of the Group, characterized by its knowledge and technology. To accomplish this mission, we formulated the "CSR Policy of the Hitachi Group" and are building a structure for global CSR promotion based on the eight themes.

1.Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • Publication of the guidebook "Principles of Hitachi Group CSR Policy"
  • Instructions regarding CSR to employees through e-learning.
  • Lecture meetings regarding CSR

2.Contribution to Society through Our Business


  • Acquisition of ISO/TS16949 certification
  • Development of products contributing to environment and safety

DIG*, VEL*, lithium-ion battery, etc.
(which are the products to achieve Environmental Vision 2025*)

ESC*, stereo camera, etc.

*Environmental Vision 2025: Aiming at the contributions to reduce CO2 emissions associated with Hitachi products by 100 million tons *commencing in FY2025.
*DI: Direct Injection
*VEL: Variable Valve Event and Lift Control
*ESC: Electronic Stability Control

3.Disclosure of Information and Stakeholder Engagement


  • Publicity of corporate businesses through exhibitions
    (e.g., Motor Shows in Tokyo, Detroit and Delhi etc.)
  • Periodic IR activities (e.g., Business strategy meeting for investors)
  • Environmental report on the website

4.Corporate Ethics and Human Rights


  • Whistleblower system
  • Obedience to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (corporate reform law in US)
  • Distribution of the corporate code of conduct handbook
  • Control of security export
  • Implement of corporate ethic month

5.Environmental Conservation Activities


  • Environment assessment "Green 21" activities
  • Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
  • Global warming preventive activities: Introduction of cogeneration systems, Amorphous transformer
  • Compliance with chemical substance control regulations: Fluorescence X-ray analyzer, Lead-free paint
  • Resource recycling (3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Electric power load equalization using NAS battery system

6.Corporate Citizenship Activities


  • Implementation of internship program
  • Co-sponsorship to the Student Formula Competition of Japan / Participation in Kid engineers, which are organized by Society of Automotive Engineering of Japan (or JSAE)
  • Plant tour by elementary school students
  • Cleaning of neighboring areas
  • Sponsorship of Hitachi Rivale, women's volleyballteam
  • Sponsorship activities for motor sports promotion

7.Working Places Desirable for Employees


  • Employee Assistant Program (EAP) consultation
  • Child and nursing care leave program
  • Overseas practical training
  • Idea contests
  • Corporate training centers, recreation facilities

8.Responsible Partnership with Business Partners


  • Procurement of green (eco-friendly) products
  • Information sharing with business partners through briefing sessions